Archangel Michael

Joanna Bagley

Painter Sculptor Ceramicist


Archangel Michael is Earth’s representative of the all-encompassing strength of the Divine. Michael provides humanity with support, courage, and confidence. He also assists in making healthy changes, as well as guides people to new opportunities and helps in healing from past experiences.

Archangel Michael is known to be the angel closest to God. His direction is the South and his element is fire.

Here I have depicted him with the galaxy behind as he leads the other angels on a path to creating world peace. He stands with his sword held reverently. I interpret the sword as being a magical tool in it's ability to shine light and cut through to the truth. He is standing in a part of the world that needs direction, truth, light, love and healing. The pentagram symbol of his belt is also an ancient symbol of protection.

Archangel Michael is painted in acrylics on canvas.